I have made a payment wrongfully to Billogram

To make a wrong payment is something that can happen, It means that the payment you made was not made to the right receiver. If you have done so and wishes for a refund, we will of course help you!

If the wrongfully made payment is older than 2 months, the money will already be refunded as a cheque to you address. If you wish for the refund to be made to your account instead, We need a proof of payment receipt from your bank. This is required since the account details is not in the transaction from the bank and we need to make sure that the right payment is refunded to the right payer.

A screenshot of the payment from the bank will do just fine, the information that needs to be shown on the picture is the following:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Reference/OCR number
  • Account details



You can send your request for a refund to us at support@billogram.com

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