Users and roles


If you want to add a colleague, accountant, or accountant firm to have access to your account, you can do so in Settings under the Team tab. Fill in e-mail addresses and user names. New users are notified by e-mail and they can then choose their own password.

Has access to all functions available in Billogram. 

Has the same access as an administrator except for:

  • Can't view or change addons. 
  • Can't view or change settings.
  • Kan ej se rapporter, statistik eller ändra bokföringsinställningar.
  • Can't view reports or statistics
  • Can't change accounting settings

Has, with the exceptions stated below, the same permission as an administrator. 

  • Cannot send invoices but can create drafts. 
  • Cannot view or change additional services. 
  • Cannot view or change company information.
Sales representative
Has limited permission and can only:
  • Create drafts of invoices. 
  • View their own invoices. 
  • Change and view the customer index. 
  • Change and view products and services.
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