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Debt Collection in Billogram

You have the opportunity to sign a free debt collection agreement with Riverty when you invoice with Billogram. There are no annual fees or basic fees. You have the agreement directly with Riverty, with Billogram as intermediary.

When you have an agreement with Riverty through us you can choose if you want to send an invoice for debt collection directly from your Billogram account, and have full control of the case via Billogram or Arvato's own portal.

For debt collection cases an additional fee of 180 SEK, the statutory debt collection fee, is added to the invoice to be paid by your customer. When the customer pays the full amount for the debt collection case the service is free of charge for you. If you were to then recall a case that has gone on to debt collection or if you choose to end the case, you will have to pay the debt collection fee of SEK 180 and any accrued interest yourself. Minor fees for example adress research may occur. You will find the price list for extra services and possible extra fees when you apply for debt collection. 

How do I apply for debt collection?
You can apply for the debt collection service via Additional services when you are logged in to Billogram. Riverty will then review your application and should be able to approve it within 2-3 weeks. 

How do I send a debt collection case?
If you want to forward an invoice to debt collection, you select More options on the specific invoice and then Collect. The case is then forwarded directly to Arvato.


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