Delivery options

When you have created an invoice you can choose to send it in the following ways:

This is the most effective and eco-friendly way to send an invoice. An email is sent to your customer with a link to the online invoice. When the customer clicks on the link, the invoice is marked as read. Both you and your customer can follow events in the record history on the online invoice, such as when it was sent, read, and marked as paid in the record history. 
Email + letter after 48h

You can choose to first send the invoice via mail to your customer. If your customer does not click on the link to the online invoice within two days from when the email is sent, a letter is automatically sent by post to your customer. 



The invoice is printed and sent via standard mail. Your company's logo is directly visible through the envelope window. Invoices sent before 1 p.m. are sent on the same day. The cost for sending the invoice via mail is 8.50 SEK


How long does it take for the invoice to reach the recipient? Up to four working days, but it can take an extra day if you send it after midnight. 

Is it possible to stop a letter from being sent? No, it is directly sent to our printing partner and cannot be stopped. 

How does the customer know that the letter is from me? Your logo and company name will be shown on the letter where the sender is shownRemember to add your logo on your Profile.

Can I change the look of the letter invoice?  There are two different templates for the letter invoice. You can read more about that here.


A link to the invoice is sent via text together with information about the creditor.

When your customer clicks on the link they get sent to the digital version of the invoice and you can see that they have opened it in the timeline. The cost for sending the invoice by text is 2 SEK. 


E-invoice for companies are also called EDI. The delivery method is available as an additional service in Billogram. You can find the instructions and the prices here.

An EDI invoice is an electronic invoice (EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange) that requires the data to be sent structured according to a set format.

Since the 1st of april 2019 it is law for all supplier invoices in the public sector to be sent as EDI.
Scanning centrals

To register an email address as a scanningscentral you have to contact us with the customers email adress and then we will register it in our system. When that is done all the future invoices will be sent with an attached PDF.

The delivery method will look like this:


Most major scanning centrals are already set up at a domain level, and you will see this in that case because the delivery method looks like above. ☝​


If you chose to sell the invoice, one of our invoice purchasing partners will take over the risk for the invoice and all dealings with the customer. A credit check of your customer will be conducted and notice of payment is usually done within 24 hours. Read more about this here.


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