My customer has paid too much

If your customer has overpaid or double paid the invoice, the overpayment is noted as such in Billogram. We correct the overpayment and send the excess amount back to your customer the same day.

We return the overpaid amount directly to the payer's bank account in case we have received this information with the transaction. In case we did not receive any bank information, the Bankgiro clearing centre sends a payment check to the address provided by the payer's bank. The correct amount will therefore be paid to your bank account and the excess amount is returned to your customer.

In case that the amount of the overpayment is lower than 10 SEK, the check will not be sent automatically. Of course, we can arrange for a refund to your customer's bank account if you or them contact us with a proof of payment. You can read more about what we need here


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