Sending an invoice to a central scanning facility

If your customer uses a scanning facility to receive and automatically read their invoices, it is possible to send the invoice both as an email and a letter. If you send the invoice as a letter just fill in the address as usual.

When you send an invoice by email to a scanning facility the invoice will be attached as a PDF in the email which the scanning facility can then load automatically. If you have attached your own PDF attachment this will be included in the same file. Please note that you may not be able to see when the invoice has been opened since no link will be used.

To register an email address as a scanning facility send us the email address at  or send it to us in our chat and we will register it as such. After that, all future invoices to that address will automatically receive an attached PDF in the email.

The delivery method then looks a little different:


Most major scanning centers are already set up at the domain level, and you can see that by the delivery method looking like above ☝​

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