My customer has paid, but the invoice is still not marked as paid

This is most likely due to a payment made without a correct OCR number, which results in that the system cannot automatically connect the payment to the invoice. The amount will then be held at our client funds account awaiting a manual placement. 

We perform a daily routine where we check these kind of incorrect payments, and if the payment and the target invoice fulfill certain requirements we can do a manual placement without additional information. 

If we do need additional information we will await contact from you or your customer. In order to find the payment we need the following information about the payment:

  • Amount
  • Date of payment
  • Payment reference

Please send an email with the information above to Don't forget to also write the correct OCR number. 

Please remember that if you have a proof of payment where sensitive information is present, you should consider using our safe drop zone. Read more about it here.  



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