My payment check has expired

New payment check

If your payment check has expired we can send you a new one. Use this form to send in a request, and we'll send it as soon as the money is back from Bankgirocentralen. This usually takes ten business days from the expiration date. The payment check is automatically sent to the address that we got from the bank. If you want the payment check to be sent to another address, we will need proof that you are registered on the new adress. Let us know if that is the case, and we'll help you!

New Payment Check - click here


Refund to your bank account

If you prefer a refund directly to your bank account we will need a proof of payment. This is required so that we can make sure that the money is transfered back to person. 

Proof of payment can for example be a screenshot of the transaction from your internetbank which includes the following information:

  • Amount
  • Date of payment
  • Payment reference/OCR-number
  • Your account number

Refund to bank account - click here

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