Verification of bank details


Since bank accounts are not public information, there is no way to verify that the registered account belong to the organizational number registered with Billogram without manual actions from you. 

Follow these steps to verify your bank account:
Log into your internet bank and make a payment of 1 SEK to Billogram's Bankgiro number 142-0520. The payment must be made from the same account which you have registered with your Billogram account. Use the payment reference "B-" followed by your company name (the same as you registered with Billogram), for example "B-Billogram". 
After making the payment, take a screenshot of the transaction where the following information is present:
  • Account number
  • Amount
  • Payment reference 
  • Date of payment 
Then use this form to send in your screenshot. As soon as we receive your payment and can verify it with the screenshot you sent in, we will open your account for payout. 
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