To make it possible for your customers to pay with Swish, you first need to establish a Swish agreement with your bank that is called "Swish Handel". Then you need to create a Swish certificate via this link: Getswish which you then send to us at Billogram together with the private key, your phone number for Swish that you have registered and a password if wanted.

When everything is ready, your customers will be able to pay with Swish and the invoice will automatically be marked as paid. It's no extra cost to be connected to Swish via Billogram.

Payments via Swish goes directly to your company and not via Billogram's client funds account.

Email the following information to: support@billogram.com:

  • The certificate
  • The private key
  • Phone number
  • Password (not required)

Do you not have the possibility to create the certificate yourself?
Contact us at support@billogram.com and we will help you!

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