Overpayment by giro slip


If you have made your payment via giro slip, we are unable to automatically return the money, but we're happy to help when we hear from you.

If you want the refund sent with payment cheque you can send an email to support@billogram.com. Please include the OCR number of the invoice the overpayment was made on. The payment cheque will then be sent to the address provided with the transaction.

Would you prefer to receive the refund to the account the payment was made from, we need to collect a proof of payment. Proof of payment can for example be a photo of the receipt from when you sent the giro slip in.

A proof of payment for a giro payment must at least include the following information:

  • Amount
  • Date of payment
  • Billogram's Bankgiro number
  • Sending account number


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