What is Billogram?

We are an invoicing service where you can create and send your invoices, either directly in our web interface or by integrating us with one of your existing system!

One of the biggest benefits of our service is that we matches payments against the correct invoice and then pays the money to the bank account that you have registered in Billogram. What makes this possible is that your customers pay into our client funds account and not directly to your (invoice issuer's) bank account.

In our system, there is a number of smart functions that simplify your invoicing. For example:

Delivery methods
  • E-mail
  • Letter
  • SMS
  • EDI
If you send the invoice via e-mail or SMS, you will be able to see when it was opened by the customer!
Payment methods
  • Scheduled payment (requires Mobilt BankID)
  • Recurring autogiro
  • Swish (requires that you have Swish Handel)
  • ..and all customary payment methods
Communicate directly with you customer on the invoice
On the invoice, there is a smart messaging feature that makes it easy for you to answer questions about the invoice or inform the customer about important news.
Automatic reminders
You can of course easily remind manually that the invoice is past due, but it is also possible to set automatic reminders so you do not have to remember this yourself.
Debt collection
In the service you can apply for an agreement with our debt collection partner Riverty and when it is approved, you will be able to send overdue invoices to debt collection. You can choose between sending them manually or that set up rules for automatic handling!

Good to know: We never take over the claim against your customer, you own the invoice and all communication with your customers.

I want to create an account!

💡 Hint! 

We have a test environment that is called Billogram Sandbox  . It works exactly like our real service, but with no actual invoices that is sent. Feel free to create an account where you can dig into our service and see if it suites you!

Can't find what you're looking for?

During the day you can chat with us, you do so by clicking the chat box in the right corner. If you prefer to contact us in another way you find our contact information here

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