To be able to use Billograms services your company have to:

  • Have a swedish organisation number
  • Be active
  • Be registered for F-tax or VAT

Before you can start to use Billograms services, you need to fill out a customer knowledge form. You will find it under Overview and then select Show on the blue banner.

Here you need to fill in such as Company name, ownership structure and company signatories etc.

You need to identify yourself as a signatory, this can be done with Mobile BankID or by emailing us. You will find more information about this here. Sometimes the company is signed by several people, then we also need to identify these according to the routine above.

When you have sent the form, we check that your information matches what you have registered at Bolagsverket and whether someone in the company is PEP or is on the sanction lists.

If you have a non-profit association, you often need to submit statutes and protocol, we will contact you if we need additional information.


We also check that your company does not engage in activities that violate our terms of service or are on the Svensk Handels warning list.

All this usually goes fast, provided that there are no questions, you can be up and running within one working day.

Can't find what you're looking for?

During the day you can chat with us, you do so by clicking the chat box in the right corner. If you prefer to contact us in another way you find our contact information here

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