Activating direct debit on your phone

To connect to direct debit means that your payments to your future invoices will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the due date. You will have to approve with your Mobil BankID that our partner Tink will have access to you account information.

To be able to activate this you will first have to :
  • Received your first invoice
  • Have Mobil BankID

This is how you do to activate direct debit

  1. Start by opening your invoice
  2. Press on Add automatic payments


  3. Fill in you social security number


  4. Choose you bank


  5. Verify you through your bank, then press Continue


  6. Then follow the instructions


  7. Choose which account you would like to use. If you only have one account, this step will be skipped!


  8. Then you have to approve the terms for autogiro and sign with your Mobil BankID. Payment receiver will change depending on which creditor it is.

  9. You can then choose whether you want unpaid invoices to be entered for payment.


  10. When you press Approve, you will receive a confirmation on the same page when everything is done 🥳


Good to know:

  • If you receive invoices from different Om du får fakturor från olika suppliers in Billogram, you will have to activate direct debit on each of them.
  • You can only connect direct debit to your privat account, not a company account.
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