Receive files with SendSafetly

  What is SendSafetly?

SendSafetly is a service which makes it possible to send secure files and messages.

Why do Billogram use Sendsafetly? 

Since we sometimes need to send and receive delicate information, for example receipts from the bank, we have chosen to use SendSafetly to make sure that that information do not get in the wrong hands.  

SendSafetly uses a so called end-to-end encryption, which only makes it possible for the sender and the receiver to see what's in the message or file. 

How do I receive a file through SendSafetly?

    1. We will send you an email which includes the link to your secure message. Press the link in the email. 
    2. Write the same emailadress which you received the message to.
    3. You will then receive a verification code to the emailadress. The message will look like this:

    4. Copy the code and paste it in the box under your email.
    5. Click on the Submit button and then you will get access to your file.
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