Activate direct debit

To activate direct debit you need:

  • Receive your first invoice
  • Mobile BankID
  1. Start by opening your invoice
  2. Click on Activate Autogiro
  3. Choose your bank from the list and type in your personal-number to identify yourself with mobile BankID
  4. Open your mobile BankID and follow the instructions
  5. When you've identified yourself the page will be updated with your available accounts. If you cannot find the one you want to use you can click on I cannot find my account and type it in manually ✔
  6. Then you can chose if you want to schedule your already received invoices paid too. 


  7. When you click Confirm you will immediately get a confirmation that everything is done! 🥳


If you get invoices from different creditors through Billogram you have to activate direct debit on each and everyone of them. 

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