Why have I received a payment check?

A cheque is a form of refund which is sent as a letter. When you recieve a cheque, you can take it to your bankoffice or a store and they will give you your refund.

There are two reasons to why you have received a refund by cheque:

  • You have made a payment to an already paid invoice or paid to much.
  • You have made a payment without the correct OCR number and the payment have therefor been unallocated for longer than two months.

If you cannot or do not want to cash out the cheque, we can instead do a refund to the account that the payment was made from. Read more about it here.

If there is a visible Bankgiro number in the transaction, we will refund the money directly to that Bankgiro. Otherwise we will do the refund as a cheque.


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